In partnership with the LA #FameYard and its curator, Eddie Donaldson, The KOSHER Brand created a multimedia series blending peace, love, and community through art. Street artists, comedians, musicians, actors, activists, and entrepreneurs are brought to us through the lens of celebrated photographer Phil Knott, with creative direction by boutique agency Propeller 5. These artists donated their fees from the photo/video shoots to organizations such as the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, committed to fighting hatred in all its forms.

CHINO | Artist, Music Producer, Entrepreneur. Owner of Escala K-Town


Born: Seoul, Korea
Raised: Bogota, Colombia
Educated: Los Angeles, CA, USA

“My art teacher in high school really made me get my shit together. Ms. Stiles. She told me I was talented and that I could go down a different path, become an artist or an illustrator. She would send me on little scholarship art programs to local colleges. She’s the one that set me straight, more than anything else.

"Chino owned iconic record store B-Boy Records in the 80s, and was the mastermind behind the promotion of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s double platinum single “Baby Got Back,” which won the 1993 Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance.

Sasha Knight, Actor


“Cowboys” - Sasha’s acting debut, written and directed by Anna Kerrigan - premiered at Tribeca, where co-star Steve Zahn won Best Actor for the film, and Sasha went on to win Best Performance at Outfest 2020.

In the movie, Sasha plays Joe, a young trans child who goes on the run with his dad (Zahn) in rural western Montana, and is pursued by his mom (Jillian Bell).

Sasha is currently appearing on two animated series as voiceover talent, and is an Ambassador for @entertainmentforchange

Samantha Larsen, Comedian; Dan Hernandez, Artist; and Special Needs Pete

@chowtimewithsammylarsen, @danonewillrise297, @specialneedspete

We celebrated July 4, 2021, by paying homage to what we call “KOSHER’s First Family of LOVE.” On set, Sammy and Dan shared their perspectives on the healing power of love and kindness, and the warm welcome they receive from people of ALL (stars and) stripes when spotted in KOSHER.  

Aaron Mostow | Artist/Creator/Entrepreneur


“It’s all positive over negative,” says Aaron Mostow, who is certainly doing everything in his considerable power to fill his days with positivity.

From street art (420 Minutes), to animated comedy series (Trimmers), fashion (Candana, #CreateChange), music (such as the tracks on this video) and more, Aaron infuses everything with joy, appreciation and fun. His latest endeavor is the novel, LOVE HERTZ, which we suspect will become required reading for anyone who has come of age or is in the midst of doing so.

Andrew Cole | Singer-Songwriter

@andrewcolefansiteSpecial Thanks: @officialgretsch and @gretsch_custom_shop

Andrew Cole’s kind heart, soaring voice, and visceral songwriting make him the embodiment of the KOSHER ethos. His latest single, Bullets, dropped September 24, 2021. Andrew’s recent anthem, Walking with Giants, appears on videos for The KOSHER Brand.

Andrew is a friend and frequent collaborator - in 2019, we worked together on a concert at LA’s Sunset Marquis benefiting his IAMNOJOKE Project. The campaign is galvanizing youth, adults and organizations to help end bullying and hate through the power of media, art, and music. Andrew Cole’s movement around the prevention of bullying centers on self-expression through music and the arts, and has drawn the participation of Jeff Goldblum, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Slash, Jane Lynch, Lights, and Sir Patrick Stewart, among many more. 

Koi Anunta | Violinist, MD

@cataclysmickoi, @inloveandwarband

THE DR. IS ALL-IN: Originally from Buffalo, NY, Koi Anunta is a Yale-educated medical doctor who left behind medicine to pursue music full-time as a recording and live/touring violinist, vocalist, and keyboardist.

GIVING BACK: Having been fortunate enough to enjoy the benefit of private music lessons from an early age, Koi has always been an extremely strong supporter of arts education for children. She's featured as the character “Miss Fiddle” in a number of public access television episodes for Dream A World Education, Inc., which teaches inner-city 5-year-olds through academic development, social-emotional learning, and an understanding of cultural diversity. She has taught at the prestigious Brentwood School, Valley Beth Shalom, Brawerman East/West, and Braddock Drive Elementary.

ALL’S FAIR: Koi is also the founding and sole permanent member of her own original project, the trip-hop / industrial rock band In Love & WAR (ILAW).

SEL-DOG | Artist 


It was a busy shoot day at the #FameYard, yet despite the activity, none of us could keep our eyes off a mural going up on the back gate. The colors, the dark mood, the ferocity, and the agony expressed on the wall, it just leapt across the yard. We asked what the mural was called, and Sel smiled. “Happiness.”

We knew this was someone we needed to photograph and interview. 

Zara Mizrahi | Stand-up comedian, screenwriter, and actor born and raised in LA


Phil photographed Zara in the heart of the multicultural LA fashion scene on #MelroseAve, which is fitting, given that she was brought up in a bilingual, Middle Eastern, Mexican and Jewish household with a tabloid reporter mother and a clothing manufacturer father.

Zara voices recurring character Carmilla Rappaccini on “M.O.D.O.K.” (Hulu) alongside Patton Oswalt, and multiple voices on “Family Guy” and “American Dad!” She’s performed stand-up all over the country and is also one of those sparkling souls filled with goodness. We wanted to capture her in KOSHER, because she embodies the idea that it’s cool to be kind.

In 2018, Zara was a writer on “Laughing in the Face of Hate,” which featured 9 eclectic Stand Up Comedians coming together for one night only, in the aftermath of Charlotsville's racial disharmony, to prove that we can all be equal, we can all keep the peace, and that we must exercise our voice in continuing to laugh in the face of hate. 

MegZany | Artist


For MegZany, “It’s An Equality Thing,” meaning “Everyone should have the same jumping off point.” This aligns perfectly with our own ethos.

Meg's artwork comprises lively messages paired with playful imagery to bring optimism to urban streetscapes, media campaigns, and home commissions alike. Her Public Service Campaigns include: “Courage Has No Gender,” “All Women Are Warriors,” “It’s An Equality Thing”Word to the Wise: “Never give up unless you’re giving up to pursue something you know will bring you more happiness.”

Believe That: Art is a vital piece in self-care, equality, and the rise of community in neighborhoods and households.Positronics: Meg’s philanthropic allegiance is tied to green initiatives, reducing homelessness, and inspiring youth.

She co-hosts (with Eddie Donaldson and host Chevon Hicks) the series “Graffiti Gold” on Twitch, melding graffiti, street art and entertainment all on one screen.MegZany is the official Art Curator of LA’s Fame Yard and Arsenic Gallery. Her art can be found on building walls and in homes around the world. 

Chris Coggan 

Entrepreneur, artist, designer, writer, scientist, musician, world traveler, photographer...
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Carmen Dianne



Artist, member of the original TCF crew

W. Berkley Gibbs 

@berkvisual, Artist, DJ

Dirt Cobain

@dirtcobain, Artist

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Steve "Scof" Schofield, Founder/Chief Content Officer, @SchofieldsFlowers