"Together” isn’t how we’re in it, but rather, how we will get through it. This is the sentiment behind The KOSHER Brand. 


Beyond the perception of ‘kosher’ as it pertains to dietary observances, it is widely used as a symbol of all things fair and equitable. Of course, equity means different things to different people, but what we all hopefully share is the desire to lead a kind, decent, compassionate life. The sincerity of that wish is our common ground. 


KOSHER's message of unity is reflected in our products, as well as in forthcoming articles, photos and videos to be posted here in the coming months. 


The brand will also launch KEEP IT KOSHER, through which a portion of its proceeds will go to leading organizations combating hate and extremism. Additionally, KEEP IT KOSHER will support public education, a mission in which our founder, Isack Fadlon of Sportie LA fame, has been engaged for several years, including an annual Teacher Appreciation Week campaign to gift educators and staff with shoes and sneakers, courtesy of footwear brands.